Blog update!


So, about a month ago I decided to take the step and start blogging with my own domain and I was so happy with the decision. However, I've been struggling with wordpress. I have not gotten my design to where I want it, and I hate how the site litterally butchers the quality of my photos. I decided to change back to good old blogger. This only changes things for me, for you everything will stay the same!

So I dragged my boyfriend out the other day to shoot pictures for a new header. I wanted something personal and summery, so what fits better than a picture of me with the Vaasa summer sunset.

I have also noticed that setting the goal to post something new everyday is for me quite the challenge. I am currently working 30- 40+ hour weeks and trying to work out as much as possible and still make time for friends and family hasn't left much time for the blog at all. I have all these great ideas but no time to sit down and write. I'm gonna aim for 3- 4 new posts a week here. So make sure you follow my blog so that you'll be notified when there's a new post up! 

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